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    Back The Blue Flag

    We watched from our Televisions last night as the assault on Police Officers in Dallas unfolded. We as a team have two wives of Police Officers and Ex-Military on our team. I couldn’t help but think of how the targeted shooting of the men and women who serve and protect us on a daily basis just can’t be possible.  We have clients, friends and relatives that we hoped were safe, and are still waiting for responses from a few.

    In Dallas and the surrounding areas, we have a beautifully diverse community. We like it that way. We are an international melting pot where people of all races, religions and ethnicities come together to build a better life for their family. We need to focus as a community to make racism and violence against innocent people STOP. Choose love, equality, acceptance, hope. Not violence.

    It’s more important than ever that we take action to support our communities, to celebrate our differences and similarities and to grow TOGETHER as a community.

    In the wake of the attacks in Downtown Dallas, we need to help as a community to support our Police officers. All over the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, people were acting out towards the police force. As everyone ran away from the shootings, they ran towards the fire to protect us.  If you would like to donate or provide services, please let us know as we are collecting a list to provide to local officials


    Please join us in taking action to support our communities and police officers. :

    Sign of Support for your Front Yard:

    We are having local signs made to support our community. Let us know if you would like free signs for your front yard. Here is the image we are using. Call (214)267-9222 to get a sign.

    Back The Blue Flag


    Donations for the Dallas Police Association

    Concerns of Police Survivors C.O.P.S. 

    Texas Municipal Police Association

    Assist the Officer Foundation (ATO)


    Send notes of appreciation, kid’s artwork, goodie bags (pre-packaged items):

    Local Police Precincts

    Someone who has been effected by racism or acts of violence

    Your city Councilmen

    Local Police Chief

    PTA Presidents

    Church and Religious Leaders

    Donate Time or Services:

    If you have a profession, talent or business that could help, let us know and we are collecting a list of people that can assist our local community.

    We support our community and hope you will join us in taking action to help make our Metroplex a more positive and safer place.

    With appreciation,

    The Van Poole Properties Team


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    4 Responses to “Help Support our Dallas Fort Worth Community”

    • Holly Lockett

      Written on

      Hi Guys!
      We would love to offer crisis counseling and grief counseling for anyone impacted by this horrible event. Just let us know how we can help. My team is awesome and will do anything!

    • Adrienne

      Written on

      I would love to help out. Need time to think of what I can do….

      • Seychelle Van Poole

        Written on

        Let me know what you come up with. Would love to be involved.


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